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London is the world’s leading city for creativity, boldly and unapologetically leading the way in culture, finance, technology, fashion,
entertainment and the arts.

Silvertown is where London can be
on fast forward.


Home for the leading edge

Silvertown is London’s new home for the leading edge. In the heart of London’s future – the East – Silvertown is located in the historic Royal Docks, sandwiched between Canary Wharf and London City Airport.

Silvertown is not for everyone, it is for the visionary. Where those at the forefront of business, brands, tech, learning, living, culture and social – collide. And make the next. It’s the place for the leading edge to stay in front.

What Silvertown will be

Silvertown is

  • A vibrant 24:7 piece of the city
  • 62 acres – about the same size as St James's Park
  • Well connected with DLR and Crossrail (from 2018) and next to London City Airport
  • In the historic Royal Docks



Silvertown offers

  • 5m sq ft of space for businesses, brand hubs, labs and headquarters, learning and education, leisure and local retail
  • Buildings designed by leading edge architects
  • The restoration of iconic Silo D and Millennium Mills
  • 3,000 new homes
  • Water frontage, new squares and gardens and a new pedestrian bridge across the dock



Silvertown will deliver

  • More than 20,000 new jobs
  • £260 million per annum for London’s economy and £33 million for the local economy
  • 13 million visitors per annum
  • £3.5bn gross development value

Well placed and connected

Silvertown sits in the heart of London’s future, sandwiched between Canary Wharf and London City Airport and sitting within the historic Royal Docks.

Silvertown has fast and efficient transport options, with London and internationally, across land, water and air. London City Airport is next to Silvertown and offers flights for more than 60,00 passengers every week.

The real game changer is Crossrail and Silvertown is a three-minute walk from Custom House station. It will significantly reduce travel times to Canary Wharf, the City, West End and Heathrow Airport.

Millennium Mills impression
Download Millennium Mills impression
Masterplan vision
Download Masterplan vision
Accommodation vision
Download Accommodation vision

Always creating the next

Silvertown was once known as ‘the warehouse of the world’, a bustling place in the heart of the Royal Docks where imports and exports were brought in and out of London.

The history of Silvertown is a collision of invention and industry. These same qualities will make Silvertown the next in brands, business, technology, living and culture.

A rich history of ideas and invention

From grain to meat to all variety of spices and foodstuffs, even exotic animals for London Zoo, the variety was staggering. Industry and innovation has always thrived at Silvertown.

In 1852 Samuel Winkworth Silver unintentionally kick-started the internet. By casing copper wire in rubber for submarine cabling at his India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Cable Company he laid the foundations for broadband capability and ultimately the world wide web.

Silvertown’s pontoon docks pioneered new and faster ways to service boats and speed up maritime trade and the flour mills pioneered new milling techniques and higher quality flour products.


Always creating the next

London is a youthful, exuberant city, rapidly growing, bursting to stay at the front of the pack. All of this momentum has moved the city east. From homes, industries, arts and culture – anything that is new, creative or exciting happens in the east of London now.

Silvertown is where London can create the next in:

  • Brands – new ways to interact and get involved
  • Business – new ways of working
  • Technology – new opportunities for enterprises and innovation
  • Living – new homes for changing needs
  • Culture – new arts and entertainment to inspire

Spaces to make the next

Silvertown offers space for brands and businesses to grow on their own terms. A place for the big, the small and all in between, it’s an accessible place to be located with other leading edge businesses.

The spaces at Silvertown are flexible, affordable, bold and well designed. There will be a variety of different spaces to choose from.


Brands want to showcase their products and services and are constantly looking for opportunities to establish and build deep, authentic connections with consumers, trade stakeholders and partners.

Brand hubs – places that bring together the leading edge in technology, food, health and entertainment.

Brand labs – Unique spaces for brands to engage with consumers, trade stakeholders and partners.

Brand headquarters – a place to be at home with other leading edge businesses



Silvertown offers the right conditions for leading edge businesses, big and small.
Silvertown has enterprise zone status which confers preferential business rates and incentives for businesses.

Transport connectivity makes it a great place to do business in London and across Europe.

Silvertown will be a 24:7 part of London, with great cafes, bars and restaurants, new water frontage, squares and gardens and local retail – the right mix for blurring work and play

East London is one of the most desirable and affordable places to live and work. Silvertown and neighbouring housing developments offer great choices for the workforce.


Fast forward living

Nearly 3,000 new homes will be built at Silvertown. There will be apartments and townhouses, homes of different sizes and designs.

What they will all have in common is cutting edge design, the latest technology and environmental credentials and inspiring and inventive landscaping. Close to the brands and businesses will be apartments, for those who want to live amongst the action. A little further away will be townhouses, ideally suited for families, who want the benefits of Silvertown but a more relaxed atmosphere.

All of the homes will be close to the docks and many will have a water view, the gardens and parks will be green, fun and interesting and there will be new community facilities, including a new school.


Millennium Mills

The iconic Millennium Mills stands proudly facing the Royal Docks and is one of the last industrial buildings of its kind in London. Built in 1905 it spent most of its life as a flour mill, but was also used as a munitions store during both world wars.

Standing 10 storeys high and offering 500,000 sq ft of space, this magnificent building is being lovingly restored to retain its art deco frontage, high ceilings and industrial charm. At the same time the mill will speed into the future with high speed connectivity and cutting edge design. It will offer a range of flexible spaces with great character for businesses, start ups, restaurants and bars.



Leading edge partnership

The Silvertown Partnership comprises Chelsfield Properties, First Base and Macquarie Capital and is led by Sir Stuart Lipton.

Collectively the team has delivered 8 out of 14 of London’s largest developments including Stratford City, Broadgate, Ludgate Circus, Chiswick Park, Stockley Park and Waterloo.

The team are experts in regeneration and delivering landmark mixed use schemes. The Silvertown Partnership is working with a wide team of leading edge architects, designers and planners.

The Silvertown Partnership

The Silvertown Partnership comprises Chelsfield Properties, First Base and Macquarie Capital.

Responsible for 8 out of 14 of London’s largest commercial and mixed-use regeneration projects, the team has outstanding place-making credentials, including: Stratford City, Broadgate, Ludgate Circus, Chiswick Park, Stockley Park and Waterloo.

Chelsfield Properties

Chelsfield Properties is a leading real estate company and asset manager focused primarily on the principal cities of Europe and Asia. Since 1986 the business has constantly evolved to encompass and develop emerging market practices.

First Base

First Base is an influential London developer and investor, focused on delivering buildings and places that meet the changing needs of Londoners. Every First Base project is award winning for design, construction and creation of place, and importantly, has provided a lasting legacy for many years to come.

Macquarie Capital

Macquarie is a leading provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services. Founded in 1969, Macquarie now employs more than 13,900 people in 28 countries. At 31 March 2014, Macquarie had assets under management of $US396 billion.


Silvertown community

Silvertown will be a place which brings together London’s leading edge. It will be a new neighbourhood which blends in with its local neighbours – both new and old. We are very proud to be revitalising this part of the Royal Docks and building on the history and heritage of the area.

Over the past year, while we have been preparing the plans for what will be coming to Silvertown, we have been very keen to work with the local community, local residents and all our neighbours. We’ve listened to what people want for the area and enjoyed sharing our plans and getting to know everyone. We’ll be running more community events in 2015 as our plans move forward and working to boost local employment. We’ll also be working to ensure all our builders and contractors are considerate of local neighbours in the work they do.


Get In Touch

+44 (0)20 7851 5555

@SilvertownLDN - Connect with us on Twitter or Instagram: silvertownldn



For any local community or stakeholder queries, contact:

Chris Oughton, London Communications Agency  
020 7612 8488

For media queries, contact:

Kate Matthews, Thirteen
020 7680 6597


For latest news please see downloads below:

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What will be the size of Silvertown?

Silvertown will comprise over 7 million square feet of development including: - 3 million sq ft of brand spaces (Approx) - 2 million sq ft of residential (Approx) - 2 million sq feet of commercial space (Approx)

Will Silvertown positively impact employment?

More than 20,000 new jobs will be created in total and Silvertown will become a new employment centre in east London.

What will the anticipated visitor numbers be once Silvertown is complete?

It is anticipated that up to 13 million new visitors will come to the area per year.

What is the anticipated impact on the economy of London?

It is anticipated up to £260 million additional spend will be added to the London economy.

Will additional housing be created within Silvertown?

It is anticipated that up to 3,000 homes will be created as a result of the project and some of these homes will be affordable.

What will be the impact on the local economy?

An additional local spend of approximately £33 million per year is anticipated, and a significant proportion of new jobs will be prioritised for local people.

What is the anticipated total value of Silvertown?

It is anticipated that Silvertown will total up to £3.5 billion in Gross Development Value.

Who is delivering Silvertown?

The Silvertown Partnership (TSP) – a consortium between First Base Ltd, Chelsfield Properties and Macquarie Capital.

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